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Die Donnerwetters - oldschool freakshow clowns

Die Donnerwetters are Herr Dokter and Frau Donnerwetter from Amsterdam/ Berlin. Since they met in 2009, they love to laugh, to tease, to rock and to shock together.

Frau Donnerwetter is performing since 2006. Since she started with modeling as Xarah von den Vielenregen in 2004, she is a well known photomodel in the Gothic- and Fetishscene. Besides fashionshows, she began her performances with the Vicious Girls in Berlin. Later on she founded the Fire Burlesque Duo The Horosistas. Since 2008 she started doing her solo fire burlesqueshows and burlesque workshops at Berlins Burlesque dance studio Schoenheitstanz. Xarah has performed all around the world and worked together with other great artists. She also worked together with bands like And One, Terminal Choice, Two Witches, The Ragtime Wranglers, Bacio die Tosca and more. In 2013 she won the Milan Burlesque Award and "Most Classic" at the Alabama Burlesque Festival 2013. With Die Donnerwetters she started to perform more oldschool freaky sideshows but also combines it with her own style from her burlesque background.

Herr Dokter started to perform in the early 90ties as Dr. Mad. He started with bodyart side shows on small budged parties, later on all big scene events through whole Europe. The themes were trashy and punk. Later on, he performed with live bands like "Cheesy Victims" and "Linked". The shows consisted of Grinding, Firespitting and later on Hookpullings and Suspension in his style. After a few groupchanges in Dr. Mad's Freakshow, Herr Dokter found in 2009 his new partner in crime, Frau Donnerwetters and the Die Donnerwetters were born: Vaudeville burlesque theatersketches combined with fire, bodyart in all their styles and appearances. From bombastic, militaristic to minimalistic 1920s and old school fakiracts. The shows were and still are always unique. Bondage, fire, grinding, hooks, bed of nails, broken glass and needles can be mixed into your recipe. Herr Dokter can heal all your freaky partydiseases. Just give them some ingredients... Since 2004 Herr Dokter also created several parties in the Netherlands

(his brandnew party, which he is organising with Medusa is called Fetish-Cabaret).

Together they also organise the International Burlesque Circus since 2011

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